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December 2018

10 Winter Holiday Hazards for Dogs

  by ben on 27 Dec 2018 |
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The holidays are the time to be loving, to have fun, to enjoy, but most importantly to be safe. Both you and your pet deserve to enjoy these holidays as much as possible! This is why pet safety is so important. There are many things to beware during ...

Healthy, High Protein Dog Food Recipe

  by ben on 18 Dec 2018 |
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We’re always on the lookout for homemade dog food recipes we can share with our readers, and this one is a winner. Our f...

Five home remedies for your dog’s itchy skin

  by alex on 12 Dec 2018 |
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It’s important to take him to the vet to diagnose any underlying conditions, you can treat your dog’s dry skin at home w...

Tips for Taking Your Dog on a Long Car Trip

  by ben on 04 Dec 2018 |
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Driving along the coastline, taking in the beautiful seaside views, your dog peeking out its head from the window to enjoy the breeze - that’s what a long car ride with your dog is like, right? Well, it can be, if you’re well prepared. But most dog o...
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