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February 2015

WATCH: Assistance Dogs Four Legged Carers

  by alexandra on 27 Feb 2015 |
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Many people know about Guide Dogs or Seeing Eye Dogs but not many people realise that there are some very special pups being trained to help the physically disabled, the elderly and even those who suffer from autism. That's a huge job for these gor...

What You Need To Know About Feline Heart Disease

  by alexandra on 26 Feb 2015 |
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Just like us humans, our feline counterparts can also suffer from heart disease. The fancy medical word for it is Cardio...

WATCH: Skateboarding Cat 'Drops In' At Skate Park

  by alexandra on 25 Feb 2015 |
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We all think our fur kids are the most precious, talented cutest things on Earth but some pets have that extra spark, ...

Why Do Cats Love Boxes So Much?

  by alexandra on 24 Feb 2015 |
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Have you ever spent your hard earned money on your cat's brand-new toy only to find him or her kicking it to a corner and playing with the box it came in? If you're a cat owner, that question really doesn't need to be answered-of course you have!   ...

WATCH: 8 Reasons Why Every Kid Needs A Pet

  by alexandra on 23 Feb 2015 |
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Cue the 'awww'. How adorable and relatable is this video? Most parents would have experienced the sharing of toys and ...

5 Tips On How To Transition Your Kitty From An Outdoor Cat To An Indoor One

  by alexandra on 20 Feb 2015 |
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So you're considering changing your cat from an outdoor cat to an indoor one but haven't got a clue how to start the pro...

How To Manage A Teething Pup

  by alexandra on 19 Feb 2015 |
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Much like when a baby starts teething, a puppy's teething period can not only be painful and itchy but they also don't know how to solve the problem. This may make them just as irritable and cranky as a teething baby. Your pup will start teething bet...

WATCH: How Hamsters Celebrate Valentine's Day

  by alexandra on 18 Feb 2015 |
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With Valentine's Day just passing us by, I'm sure the team at Petbucket weren't alone in buying our pets a Valentine's...

We Could Learn A Thing Or Two From These Guys

  by alexandra on 17 Feb 2015 |
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It's easy to find differences between each other but at the end of the day aren't we just a bunch of cells functioning...

Pets Interrupting Yoga

  by alexandra on 16 Feb 2015 |
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Yoga is a wonderful way to release tension and centre yourself. However, it appears our pets feel there are better ways to wash away any stress and tension and that involves them letting you get into your yoga pose and them finding a way to tickle ...
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