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October 2014

How To Introduce Your Cat To Their Own Bed

  by jaime on 31 Oct 2014 |
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Let's not beat around the bush; cats can be real fusspots! But that makes up a large reason why they are so intriguing and entertaining to their owners. Introducing a cat to a new bed can prove to be a real task that can leave some poor owners teari...

How To Stop Your Dog From Chewing Your Shoes

  by jaime on 30 Oct 2014 |
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One of the most common stereotypes dog owners are accustomed to is the puppy that chews on shoes. When a dog is portrayed in movies and TV shows, almost every troublesome little puppy is found chewing on an owner's shoe at some point. This behavior, ...

Bringing Puppy Home: Essential Puppy Supplies For A Happy Homecoming

  by jaime on 29 Oct 2014 |
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How exciting is bringing a new puppy home? I mean, just look:   Image credit and look:   Image credit PUPPIES!!!! Image credit However, bringing a new four-legged forever friend home isn't all about cuddles and playtime, it also takes a ...

3 Thoughtful Ways To Help A Scaredy Cat

  by jaime on 28 Oct 2014 |
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Cats may be shy and skittish for a variety of reasons. For example, if you chose to adopt an adult cat from a rescue shelter, it may have experienced some harsh treatment in its younger years. In other cases, a cat may have not been exposed to many o...

How To Pick The Right House For Your Dog

  by jaime on 27 Oct 2014 |
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Never to be underestimated, choosing the right house for your dog is incredibly important. A good dog house will provide comfort and shelter as well as being a retreat for your dog. And if your pooch is strictly an outdoor dog- then getting their ho...

How To Toilet Train Your Dog Effectively

  by jaime on 24 Oct 2014 |
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When you bring a new puppy home, a crucial part of integrating them into your home and preparing them to be a mature adult is to toilet train them. Depending on your preferences, there are a variety of approaches you could adopt to ensure successful...

Grumpy Cat: Can Your Cat Genuinely Dislike You?

  by jaime on 23 Oct 2014 |
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Warning: what you're about to read may be distressing for some cat owners... Cats have a reputation for being solitary creatures that don't enjoy socializing with other animals and sometimes, even their owners! It's no secret that it's difficult to...

How To Make Dealing With Kitty Litter Easier

  by jaime on 22 Oct 2014 |
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Kitty litter. URGH! One of the least appealing aspects of pet care has to be cleaning up after them, right? Right. If you have an indoor cat you will be all too familiar with the joys of the litter box and all the perils that come along with using ...

Introducing A Third Dog Into Your Home? Follow These Six Tips For Success!

  by jaime on 21 Oct 2014 |
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Introducing a new pet into your family is always a step that should be carefully considered. A new pet can certainly enhance your home, but it can also wreak havoc. Potential difficult situations can be avoided by keeping the following tips in mind. ...

9 Handy Grooming Solutions For Your Dog

  by jaime on 17 Oct 2014 |
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For many dog owners, just mentioning giving their dog a bath can raise stress levels quite considerably. Bath time sounds like fun, but it rarely is when you are stuggling to contain your dog, get them clean and trying to not get the whole house drip...
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