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August 2014

When's The Best Time To Feed Your Cat

  by jaime on 27 Aug 2014 |
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Being responsible for the health and wellbeing of a cat is a huge responsibility and a large part of that is your ability to feed them a balanced and nutrient rich diet to promote longevity, energy and a healthy weight. Coupled with this, deciding on...

How To Put Weight On An Underweight Dog

  by jaime on 27 Aug 2014 |
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Is your dog weighing much less that it's supposed to? It's important for dogs to maintain a healthy weight and in fact, an underweight dog can be at risk as much as an overweight dog. First things first, whether your dog is a new addition or been a ...

Is Your Cat Actually Lethargic?

  by michelle on 27 Aug 2014 |
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The average cat sleeps 15 hours a day, and that number is even higher for senior cats and kittens. However, if you notice that your cat is sleeping more than normal, it’s possible they are lethargic. Causes of lethargy can range from boredom to a sig...

Should You Consider A Dog Walker?

  by simone on 26 Aug 2014 |
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Exercise, play, mental stimulation and socialisation are important for your dog’s wellbeing, health and development. These activities also minimizes boredom, destructive and unwanted behavior such as chewing furniture and barking when alone.   Howeve...

Which Cats Cope Best Living With Other Cats, Dogs or Children?

  by simone on 26 Aug 2014 |
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Cats are generally not as social as dogs. In fact, cats naturally hunt alone and often prefer solitude. But, each breed is different and each cat is an individual. Many cats actually love company and have temperaments suited to living with other cats...

Older Dogs Benefit From Training Too

  by danielle on 26 Aug 2014 |
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The old adage ‘You’re never too old to learn something new’ just as neatly applies to dogs as it does to people. Old dogs are quite capable of learning new tricks and can indeed benefit from it greatly.   As dogs age there is the tendency for owners ...

Can Cats Catch the Flu From Us?

  by danielle on 25 Aug 2014 |
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People tend to worry about sharing their flu with others, isolating themselves from friends and family until they feel better for fear of passing their illness on. Few wonder if their cat, curled up in bed with them while they rest, could catch their...

Dogs With Travel Sickness

  by michelle on 25 Aug 2014 |
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Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from travel or motion sickness. It’s likely that you found this out about your dog pretty quickly, assuming that all it took was a few car rides before your pup’s nausea kicked in. Including vomiting, here are s...

Why Do Dogs Chew Their Bedding?

  by danielle on 24 Aug 2014 |
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You leave your dog for the day peacefully curled up asleep on their bed. When you return, it is as if it has snowed – white stuffing coats your lounge room and ripped fabric is spread all over the floor, only a scrap of your dog’s tattered bed left i...

Why Is My Cat Eating Kitty Litter?

  by danielle on 24 Aug 2014 |
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Strange as it may sound, some cats can suddenly start eating kitty litter. It is an oddity to be concerned about as it usually signifies underlying health problems that need to be addressed immediately with veterinary consultation.   Vitamin and mine...
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