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February 2014

5 Ways to Check Your Dog for Fleas

  by wai on 28 Feb 2014 |
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If you have a dog, then you need to check it for fleas on a regular basis. Fleas can be found in almost every area of the country, especially during the spring and summer months. Just because you keep your home clean and tidy does not meant your dog ...

Puppy Potty Training - Four Steps to Successfully Potty Train Your Dog

  by wai on 19 Feb 2014 |
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It's one of the indisputable laws of nature: what goes in one end must come out the other. It's the question of when and where it comes out that causes problems for the owner of a new puppy. Potty training a new dog is one of the first things you'll ...

Getting a New Dog? How to Acclimate the Family Cat

  by wai on 13 Feb 2014 |
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Bringing a new dog or puppy home is an exciting and joyful time for families, but the furry newcomer may not be a welcome addition for every family member; namely, the resident cat. Cats don't always take well to change, and when a new pet enters the...

The Top 5 Symptoms to Be Aware of in Dogs

  by wai on 04 Feb 2014 |
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It can be hard to tell when your dogs require veterinary attention. If you brought them to the doctor every time they had a little sniffle, you'd spend more time in the vet's office than at home. However, there are a few symptoms that could have a se...
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