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October 2013

Three things you might not know about fleas.

  by wai on 31 Oct 2013 |
6 Comment(s)
If you have a flea problem, you're probably trying to solve it the best way you know how.  But fleas are tough to get rid of.  They're resilient little critters.  Here are three things many people don't know about fleas.  The more you know about them...

Airlines: Safely Transporting Your Pet

  by wai on 28 Oct 2013 |
No Comment
Moving is always a pain. If you’re traveling vast distances, it’s a full on headache. You’ve got to have all of your stu...

Emotional Support Animals

  by wai on 19 Oct 2013 |
2 Comment(s)
This might be news to you, but apparently there are some laws on the books that say any animal with a vest on is legally...

Pet Behavioral Medication: Pros and Cons

 by zack on 11 Oct 2013 |
1 Comment(s)
So today I felt like touching on a subject with a little bit of controversy attached to it. Full disclosure: this is a touchy subject that infringes upon the borders of psychological health for both humans and animals. Regardless of your opinions on ...

A Completely Subjective List of the Most Awesome Mix Breed Dogs Ever

 by zack on 05 Oct 2013 |
4 Comment(s)
So let me let you in on a little secret: most “top 3, 5, 7, 10, etc.” lists that you’ll see on the internet, are not act...
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